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The Adventure

The Adventure,  is a wildly absurd reimagining of Rudyard Kipling’s, novella  “The Man Who Would Be King.” The play, written to be performed by three comedic actors playing 18 bizarre and unique characters, “The Adventure” is an epic comedy where, the hero, Buddy and his sidekick Frank meet for the first time at the bottom of a merchant vessel bound for Hong Kong. Together they go on a globe-trotting journey to find Buddy’s true destiny. Their journey is a constant collision with the strange and ludicrous.

This play came to be written from an idea to develop a small cast show that would feel large and sweeping in nature, yet could be produced in an intimate manner. The energy and pace is quick and succinct. There is also a great sense of humanity to the piece, which is underscored by the use of dramatic music and visual cues.


The Adventure is social satire, comic absurdity and an old vaudeville show all rolled into one unhinged odyssey of conflict and redemption.



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 I Was An Orphan Train Rider
“I was an Orphan Train Rider,” tells a heartbreaking account of children trying to survive in an uncertain world. The play follows the plight of several children living in the squalor that was lower Manhattan in 19th century New York. The lives of these children are turned upside down when they find themselves in a controversial program to ship, by train, orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children out to communities throughout the country and have them placed into homes. Known as the Orphan Train movement, this came to be the largest migration of children in United States history. Based on real stories and actual events, I was an Orphan Train Rider uses a filmic style of storytelling that moves seamlessly from one child’s story to another following their struggles, conflicts as they journey towards hope and salvation. Especially exciting is that this play offers many penetrating acting moments for young actors; giving them a brilliant opportunity to explore truthful and deeply emotional issues.


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